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01.1997 > Quick Reference Guide for Structural Steel Welding Practices

Quick Reference Guide for Structural Steel Welding Practices

This Guide provides a quick reference to codes and standards for selected topics regarding the welding of structural steel. The Guide mainly addresses welding practices, but contains some related design topics. Topics are grouped alphabetically, within the eight section titles in the Structural Welding Code--Steel, AWS D1.1-96. The Guide consists of a Reference Table, Reference List, and Index of Topics. To use the Guide, 1) locate the subject matter in the Index of Topics, 2) find the topic in the Reference Table and note the corresponding reference list number and location, and 3) find the title of the reference list number in the Reference List. Not all topics and topic locations are listed. However, the topics listed and locations given should allow the user to find most subject matter on welding practices. The information presented in this Steel TIPs is for general information only, and should not be used without independent examination and verification of its suitability by the user.

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